Foxborough, Massachusetts
40 South Street, Foxborough, MA 02035
Advisory Committee
Contact TypeContact Information
John P. Chlebek, Chairman
Foxborough Town Hall, 40 South Street 
Foxborough ,MA 02035 
Wednesday Evenings at 7:00pm typically McGinty Room at the Public Safety Building.
Meetings are posted in advance, but typically begin at 7:00pm and are scheduled in accordance with Town Meeting, Warrant Article and Budgets as needed.
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John P. Chlebek
June 2017
Kristin Meehan Papianou
Vice Chairman
June 2015
Tracey Vasile
June 2015
Thom H. Freeman
June 2015
Monica J. Fisler
June 2015
Larry J. Stern
June 2015
Lawrence P. Thomas
June 2016
Susan Dring
June 2016
Heidi H. Krockta
June 2016
Christopher J. Calnan
June 2016
Patrick F. Mosesso
June 2016
Javed H. Hussain
June 2017
Mission Statement

The Advisory Committee provides a report to the Annual Town Meeting and all Special Town Meetings on budget appropriations and all other municipal matters. In preparation for the Town meeting, the Advisory Committee reviews the budget and Warrant Articles, meets with department heads, holds public meetings in order to work through department items and makes a recommendation at the Town Meetings.