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Conservation Land, Foxborough
---(kayaking info, above, not from ConCom)
The information on this page has been included in response to various questions that the Conservation Office has received in the past. If you have any questions, or if you know of other information or links that might be good additions to this page, please contact Jane Pierce, Foxborough's Conservation Manager. We appreciate any feed back you can give; thank you.

NEW! Guide to Foxborough's Conservation Land and Open Spaces

The Conservation Commission is pleased to announce their first edition of the guide to the conservation lands and open spaces of our Town. This first edition of the Guide was created by the Commission's summer intern, Ryan Clapp. The Guide includes information about more than 2,000 acres of permanently protected open space in Foxborough, including roughly 700 acres of F. Gilbert Hill State Forest. We hope that this guide will help to improve and preserve these lands, now and for future generations to come.

Before visiting one of Foxborough's Town conservation areas, we ask that you please review the Conservation Land Rules and Regulations document (downloadable above).

Please remember, It’s Your Land… ENJOY IT!

Trail Maps

In addition to our new Guide, more detailed trail maps of some conservation areas are downloadable, above. To date, several trail maps have been created (thanks to Ryan Norton, the Town DPW's GIS guru) and the Conservation Commission plans to create additional trail maps for more conservation areas... please stay tuned!

Revised Foxborough Conservation Land Rules and Regulations

Please note that the Conservation Commission revised Foxborough's Conservation Land Rules and Regulations on April 24, 2017. A link to the document is included, above.

Foxborough's Open Space Plan

Foxborough's Open Space and Recreation Plan (link, above) contains information about the Town's conservation and recreation areas, as well as other interesting facts about the Town, including historical background; geology, soils and topography; water resources; fisheries and wildlife; and unique environments.

An Open Space and Recreation Plan is a working document that represents a town’s needs, as determined through surveys and public meetings. A town must have an up-to-date, state-approved Plan to be eligible for state conservation and recreation grants.

Since Foxborough's plan has now expired, the Conservation Commission and Recreation Department are working diligently to update it. We would appreciate any help you can give us; if you would like to help, please contact the Conservation and/or Recreation Departments. Thank you!

Group Camping

Scouting troops are allowed to camp on a couple of Foxborough conservation properties (Lane Property and near Greely's Pond [Canoe River Wilderness, North]), with the written permission of the Conservation Commission.  

Completed Scout Camping Request Forms (downloadable, above) must be received by the Conservation Department's office in Town Hall at least two weeks before any proposed camping date. Based upon availability, the Conservation Agent will inform the individual who will be responsible for their scouting group whether their request is approved. If it is, a copy of their completed/signed Camping Request Form (with conservation rules attached) will serve as their permit.
(Although the following article was posted in the Foxboro Reporter in 2011, it still applies.)

Passive Recreation on Foxborough Conservation Properties

With over seventy inches of snow, the 2010-2011 winter has been a challenging one with regard to keeping roads, roofs and sidewalks clear and safe for Foxborough residents. However, there is a brighter side for the snow-dependent recreation enthusiasts.

For the first time in many years, snow shoeing and cross country skiing tracks are evident on our conservation lands. At the same time however, the use of snow-mobiles has also burgeoned, especially on the Lane Property, between North Street and the Neponset Reservoir where complaints have been logged. There are serious safety concerns for the on-foot recreationists when snowmobiles are being used and there is also concern for the snowmobile user with regard to hitting objects and gate structures buried in the snow.

The Foxborough Conservation Commission would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that our conservation lands are for “passive” recreation. The use of off-road motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles in winter and ATV’s, dirt bikes, quads, and motorcycles at other times of the year, is prohibited on all town conservation properties in Foxborough.  
For more information, please click the ATV link, above.

On Town Property
Foxborough's Conservation Office often receives questions about hunting on Town conservation properties, especially during the fall. With so many residential developments in Town, the Conservation Commission only allows hunting in a select few conservation areas. Please review the Commission's Hunting Rules and Information (downloadable above) and then visit us at the Conservation Office, which is on the second floor of Town Hall to obtain copies of our detailed hunting area maps.

In State Forests
Although hunting is permitted in most Massachusetts state forests and parks, you must first check the following Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) link that details state forests, reservations and parks open to hunting:  This link includes a listing of many of the state parks and forests open to regulated hunting. Before you hunt on any of the properties, contact the Forest and Parks phone number listed for that property to learn about any specific restrictions.

REMINDER: Hunting on Sundays is Prohibited in Massachusetts

Places to Go

Looking for a place to go fishing, hunting, hiking or wildlife watching? Massachusetts boasts a variety of areas for the outdoor enthusiast; the following website will guide you to places to explore in the Bay State (with binoculars, fishing rod or firearm): 

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