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OSRP - Open Space & Recreation Plan
Foxborough's Open Space and Recreation Plan

Foxborough’s Conservation Commission and the Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee (OSRPC) are pleased to announce that the final version of the Town’s 2011-2018 Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) has been approved by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEOEA).

The Draft version of the OSRP was conditionally approved by the EEOEA on July 8, 2011. According to Melissa Cryan (the EEOEA's Grants Manager and OSRP reviewer), she rarely issues OSRP approval letters and usually issues conditional approval letters that require the submission of additional information. Foxborough's Open Space and Recreation Plan's conditional approval required only a short list of five items to complete the plan.

The EEOEA's 7/8/11 letter states:
"This plan was particularly thorough and has been conditionally approved through July 2018. Conditional approval will allow the town to participate in DCS grant rounds through July 2018, and a grant award may be offered to the town." "Congratulations on a great draft plan!"

The Conservation Commission and OSRPC gratefully acknowledge the combined efforts of everyone (including Town departments' staff,  Town residents as well as Town boards and committees) who participated in drafting this plan. We are proud to distribute this OSRP, which contains excellent information and statistics about "everything environmental" in Foxborough and encourage a thorough reading of its pages. Through the vision and leadership of everyone involved in drafting Foxborough's Open Space and Recreation Plan, we hope to sustain our Town's excellent quality of life for ourselves and for our future generations.

Copies of the final plan (downloadable above) are available for review at the Boyden Library, the Recreation Department’s office at 80 South Street, the Senior Center at 75 Central Street, and at the Town Hall's offices of the Conservation Department, Planning Department and Town Clerk at 40 South Street.  

Open Space and Recreation Plan Implementation Committee

An Open Space and Recreation Plan Implementation Committee has recently been created to ensure that the OSRP's Seven Year Action Plan is implemented. If you would like to attend the new Committee's meetings, please contact the Conservation Manager or the Recreation Department and we will add you to our email notification list. Thank you in advance for your interest!

So... What Exactly IS an Open Space and Recreation Plan?

An Open Space and Recreation Plan is a seven year strategic planning document that provides towns with a policy guide, outlining a clear direction for the balanced use of the town’s natural resources including the following:
  • maintenance of environmental quality;
  • protection and preservation of ground and surface water;
  • a balanced recreation plan to meet the needs of a growing population;
  • preservation and promotion of natural areas for conservation purposes; and, 
  • integration of conservation and recreation areas.
Open Space and Recreation Plans are working documents, created to represent the needs of Town's residents as determined through public open meetings, surveys and other types of public input. Foxborough's Conservation Commission and Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee (which included town officials, interns, and concerned citizens/residents) have worked diligently to draft Foxborough's plan. One of the benefits of the plan is that it will allow the town to qualify for various State grants.

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