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UNDERAGE DRINKING- It’s Everyone’s Problem

The Foxborough Police Department is committed to preventing underage drinking from occurring in Foxborough. Although underage drinking is a national problem, the Foxborough Police Department takes a proactive approach to prevent alcohol from getting into the hands of those under age twenty-one, through police enforcement and a partnership with the liquor serving establishments and liquor stores located in Foxborough.
Underage drinking is a community issue that needs everyone’s attention to help keep alcohol away from minors and to keep our youth safe.  Underage drinking is a major contributor of poor choices made by underage youths, ranging from drinking and driving, committing property and violent crimes, and making unsafe and dangerous decisions. In 2007, it was estimated that underage drinking cost the citizens of Massachusetts 1.5 billion dollars.
In 2009 and 2010 the Foxborough Police Department received a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security to combat underage drinking. Through this grant plain clothes officers visited liquor stores, alcohol pouring establishments, and areas known for underage drinking to arrest those under age twenty one in possession of or attempting to buy alcohol. Through this enforcement activity, arrests were made of those violators who were caught
Each year, the Foxborough Police Department places hundreds of youths into custody for: driving under the influence of alcohol, being minors in possession of alcohol, or being under the influence of alcohol (Protective Custody). Despite our efforts, alcohol consumption by the minors of Foxborough is still occurring. This is a community issue that needs the community to get involved.  You can do this by speaking to your children about the effects of alcohol, knowing where your children are and what your children are doing, and contacting the Foxborough Police Department if you are aware of underage drinking parties.

For more information about the underage drinking problem and what you can do to help, please visit:

Town of Foxborough, 40 South Street, Foxborough, MA 02035
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