Term Expires

Robert W. Boette


May 2025

Peter Atanasoff


May 2026

James Marsh


May 2024

Taunya Orlando


May 2025

Rebecca Kelly

Board of Recreation Liaison & Member

May 2024

Richard Golemme

Liaison to Friends of Foxboro Conservation & NRRC

May 2026

David D. Opatka

Open Space Committee Liaison & Member

May 2026


The Foxborough Conservation Commission is dedicated to conserving, protecting, and preserving the ecological integrity of the Town’s wetlands and natural resources for the common good.

Established in 1961, the Commission is responsible for managing 2,000 +/- acres of land and waterbodies for open space and conservation purposes, accepting gifts of land and money for conservation purposes, maintaining the town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan, seeking grant money for conservation purposes, administering the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act (M.G.L. Ch. 131, § 40) and the Foxborough Wetlands Protection Bylaw (Code of Foxborough, Ch. 267), providing environmental education, and advising town boards on environmental concerns.


Foxborough’s Wetlands Protection Bylaw protects the Town’s floodplains, wetlands, groundwater and abutting land areas, by controlling activities deemed to have a significant or cumulative adverse effect upon wetland values. Activities proposed within 100 feet of a wetland or vernal pool, or within  200 feet of a river or stream, are subject to protection under the Bylaw.

Protected wetland values include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Public or private water supplies and groundwater;
  • Flood control, erosion control;
  • Floodplains (which help to prevent storm damage);
  • Water pollution prevention;
  • Wildlife habitat, including vernal pools, rare species and fisheries habitat;
  • Buffer zones (defined in the Regulations); and
  • Open space and passive recreation preservation.