Address:   Town Hall                    40 South Street
                    Foxborough, MA 02035

Phone:      508-543-1200
Meetings: Second Thursday of every month, 7 pm at the McGinty Meeting Room, Public Safety Building.

Carol A. Gorman - Term Ends May 2020

Paul A. Mullins, Board of Health - Term Ends May 2020

A subcommittee of the Board of Selectmen, tasked with supporting the health and public use of the reservoir. Also monitoring ongoing study regarding Cadmium and other heavy metals contamination.

Other non-government entities also support work with the reservoir:

The NRRC, Inc. was created to manage settlement funding toward cleansing the reservoir of Phosphates contamination. See link above

The Friends of the Neponset Reservoir is a citizens group actively support the Town in promoting usage and awareness. See link above.

For the Neponset River Watershed Association (NepRWA), visit their website here: 

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