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Stay Safe
If you or a family/household member does not feel safe at home, call 1-800-799-7233 for live support.  If you are unable to speak safely, you can log onto to chat online.  Or, text LOVEIS to 22522.

For all abuse and neglect resources, including how to file a report, click here.

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Continue to wear a face covering - EVEN AFTER BEING VACCINATED!
Face coverings are STILL required in all public places EVEN IF you can socially distance.
Read full Order
MA Travel Order is now replaced with Travel Advisory
The Travel Order has been replaced with a Travel Advisory
Familiarize yourself with the new information surrounding the new Travel Advisory.
Have questions like...What if I'm fully vaccinated?  What does fully vaccinated mean?  What if it's just a short trip out of state?  Are there exemptions?
Get your questions answered by going straight to the source...visit for more information.

For International Travel information, click here

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COVID Testing Information

1.  Feeling even just a little ill with COVID related symptoms???
2.  Have you been identified as a close contact?  Have you developed symptoms???
If you answered yes to either of these questions, STAY HOME and only go out in public to get tested!
Go to to find a testing site near you!  Or to find a site that meets your needs.  Be sure to click on "Show Advanced Filters" to narrow down a test site that will work best for you.

Carpooling safety tips
Protect those around you and carpool SAFELY

Yes!  COVID positive cases have been linked to carpooling. 
So if your the Office Taxi Driver or the Soccer Mom for the neighborhood kids, follow these safety tips and let's PROTECT each other.
Remember, wearing a face covering when riding in a vehicle with those not from your immediate household, is required under the new November 6 Face Covering Order. 
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Properly Clean and DisinfectClick here to learn more about how to properly clean and disinfect per CDC guidelines.
Can't find any ready to use disinfectants at the Store?  Want to use a safer alternative that still effective against COVID-19?  Click here for more information.
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Mental Health during COVIDCheck in with yourself, your neighbors, your loved ones and your children. 
Get the help you're not alone.
The State has compiled a list of resources that support your mental health.  Start here.
If you're looking for individual mental health support, the State launched this searchable directory at Massachusetts Network of Care.  This may be a good first step.
Another option - MassSupport - Free COVID-19 Counseling and Support (1-888-215-4920 - Mon-Fri)
Take the time to "Ask, Listen, Encourage, Check In" with family, friends and neighbors.  Make sure they're doing OK.  Learn what to look for, learn the signs, start a conversation...Learn more here.
For resources on child mental health, click here.

Vaccine Information

Is it safe...
Is the COVID Vaccine Safe? 
Yes, it is!  View the video above and visit the State's "Trust the Facts.  Get the Vax" campaign for more information.

As of April 19, 2021, all individuals (16 years old and older*) that live, work or study in Massachusetts are now eligible to receive the COVID vaccine.
*Currently, people under 18 can only receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Find a vaccine location...
1.  Pre-register if you intend on receiving your vaccine at a MassVax site (Gillette Stadium being one of them).
2.  Find another Site open to the public Statewide (like a local Pharmacy) by going to the State's Vaxfinder.

Did you know...
*Pre-registration is only available for first dose appointments only.

*The list of "certain medical conditions" has been updated.  Individuals with 1 certain medical condition are now eligible for the vaccine.  To view the full list, click here.

*The number of vaccine appointments is directly related to the supply the State receives from the Federal Government.  As vaccine becomes available, more appointments will be added.  We understand the lack of appointments can be frustrating, and to hear that it may take over a month for those currently eligible to get a vaccine, is even more disheartening.  The State encourages everyone to be patient as we wait for a greater supply.

*You still need to wear a mask and continue to socially distance even when you are fully vaccinated.  What IS safe to do when fully vaccinated?  Click here for the State's guidance when fully vaccinated.

Helpful Information... 

Learn more about how pre-registration works, here.
Already pre-registered, but need to change preferences?  You can!  Find out how, here.

Homebound residents needing a covid vaccine, call COA
As always, for all information and updates related to the vaccine, including the current eligible groups, visit

For the Weekly Vaccination Report, click here.
COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ's, click here.
How to Isolate
Isolation = When you test positive for COVID
Did your COVID test come back positive?  It's time to ISOLATE.  Isolating means staying home and not leaving your house (except to seek urgent medical care) for at least 10 days*
Learn more about the DO's and DON'Ts of isolation by visiting
*Length of isolation will vary and may be longer than 10 days.  You can learn more on the website above.
Are you unable to isolate safely in your home?  Call 617-367-5150 to see if you qualify for an isolation and recovery site.
Definition of a Close Contact
Quarantine = When you are a Close Contact
(click icon above for larger image) 
Are you a close contact of someone that tested positive?  STAY HOME and do not have any visitors to your house.
How long do I need to quarantine?*
How do I quarantine and keep those around me safe?
Visit the State's website to learn more - "How to Quarantine 101"
*Quarantine (Day 1) begins on the day after your last contact with a person who has COVID-19 (pictorial graph of quarantine timeframes with no symptoms)
NOTE: If you develop COVID type symptoms during your quarantine, speak to your Health Care Provider about testing.  If your test results are positive - then you end quarantine and BEGIN your isolation period.  Follow ISOLATION GUIDANCE.  It is very important to remember to continue to quarantine even while waiting for test results.
Need Assistance Icon
Assistance is Available
The State has compiled resources to help MA residents get through these difficult times.  Click here to find resources and get the assistance you need!
Ways to help
Find out how YOU can help!
Volunteer and become an MRC member...
Consider training to be a Contact Tracer...
Find all the ways to help here!
Massachusetts current reopening phase.  Phase 4, Step 1
Most Current Reopening Phase - Effective March 22, 2021
For a summary of updates associated with this next phase of the reopening, check out the Governor's press release here.
Most recent order speaking to Phase 4, Step 1 - (No. 66), click here.

Gathering Order Revised
Current Gathering Order Limits
Effective March 22, 2021 - During Phase 4, Step 1
Reopening Guidance for MA Businesses
Is Your Business COVID compliant?
All business allowed to be open under the current Governor's Phased Reopening Plan MUST comply with the State's "Mandatory Safety Standards" as well as their particular "Sector-Specific Protocols and Best Practices"
Mandatory Safety Standards include having a written COVID-19 Control Plan and posting the following posters: Compliance Attestation Poster, Employer Poster, Worker Poster.
Do you know what to do if there is a positive case among your workforce?  Plan for that know...Develop your COVID-19 Control Plan.  The State has a template to assist you in making sure you have thought of and complied with all of the reopening safety standards.  Take a look at each box in each section of the template.  Does your plan provide site specific information on this?
Return to Work Guidance
Additional Information for BusinessesEmployees out of Work - Do you have employees out of work due they are COVID positive.  Or has an employee been identified as a close contact and now required to stay home?  The flyer above provides an overview of "Employee Return-to-Work Guidance".  To view the flyer in additional languages, click here.
Employee Health Screening - All employees should be screened prior to entering work, or self-screening at home.  What should they be looking for?  This Site explains the Employee Screening process and also has flyers that can be printed out (in multiple languages) and given to your employees.
Click here for other State affiliated business resources and support.