State roll back to Phase 3, Step 2


New Capacity Requirement: All Restaurants must adhere to a capacity limit of 25% of their seating capacity.

Workers/Staff excluded from occupancy count
Applies separately to indoor and outdoor capacity


Current Guidance Standards Remain the Same and Requires...

*Patrons must wear masks at all times except when eating and drinking.
*Restaurants must seat no more than six patrons per table.
*Restaurants must impose a 90-minute time limit on tables.
*Musical performances at restaurants will no longer be permitted.

Customers are encouraged to dine only with members of the same household.

Read all the details in the Restaurant Sector Specific Guidance


Important Information

Cleaning and Disinfecting Icon

How To Properly Clean & Disinfect (CDC Guidance)
How To Properly Clean & Disinfect (Printable CDC Infographic)
EPA's List of Registered Sanitizers and/or Disinfectants
Sanitizing versus Disinfecting
Practice Good Chemical Safety:
*Read label carefully for proper preparation
*Prepare using dilution ratios associated with the "effective against...emerging viral pathogen claim" on the master label.
If not identified, use the most concentrated solution ("Kill Step" - Part 1)
*Adhere to appropriate contact time to allow for proper effectiveness. 
If not identified, use the longest contact time ("Kill Step" - Part 2)

Additional information about using disinfectants for COVID-19, visit the National Pesticide Information Center.

(Information current as of December 22, 2020)


Each restaurant must have...

An Attestation Poster
Image of a Attestation Poster
This attestation poster must be posted in an area where it is visible to the general public (multi-lingual versions)

A Site Specific COVID Control PlanImage of a COVID Control Plan
Each Restaurant must have a COVID Control Plan in place.  This plan must be SITE SPECIFIC.  The State has a template to assist you in making sure you have thought of and comply with all of the reopening safety standards.  Take a look at each box in each section of the template...does your plan provide site specific information on this? (Multi-lingual versions)
This Plan must be available to Health Dept. personnel upon request.

An Employer and Worker PosterImage of a Employer Poster
Each restaurant must prominently display the State required Employer Poster and Worker Poster in an area visible to all employees (Multilingual versions)

Must follow the Restaurant Mandatory Safety StandardsCOVID Restaurant Checklist Image
All Restaurants must follow the Restaurant Mandatory Safety Standards.  Additional safety standards may also need to be followed depending on the restaurant's operation or what they offer