Walnut St Affordable Senior Housing Project Update
Posted on 07/26/2021
Photo of corner of Walnut Street and Route 140

Walnut Street Affordable Senior Housing Project

Foxborough Housing Authority / Planning Office

The Foxborough Housing Authority owns 16 acres at the corner of Walnut Street and Commercial Street (Route 140).  This land was given to the FHA by the State and will revert back to State ownership if not used for affordable housing.  Since the FHA is not able to build/develop the site themselves, they must retain (while following State procurement rules) a developer to build and operate the site.  

Since April of this year, the FHA and town staff has been working with consultant Emily Innes, through a grant from MassDevelopment, to prepare a request for proposals to find a developer for this much needed affordable housing project.

The FHA does not know what respondents to the RFP will propose.  Until we receive proposals from developers, we do not have a “project” with any specifics. Because of this discussion, the following things are unknown at this time:

Number of units
Mix of units
•       Number of buildings on the site
Number of parking spaces
Number of residents
Traffic impacts
Location of entry/exit to the property

We have held two community/neighborhood meetings in the process of developing this RFP to seek input on development criteria that could be included in the RFP.  We anticipate issuing an RFP for this project in September 2021.  The PowerPoint presentations from the two neighborhood meetings and links to watch the meetings are below.

May 26th Meeting - Slide 9
Page 9 of Walnut Street Presentation #1

A table showing income limits and household size are found on Slide 9 of the May 26th presentation. 

July 16th Meeting - Slide 17
Walnut Street Presentation #2 Slide 17

Slide 17 of the second (July 16th) includes the anticipated schedule for this project.  

May 26th MeetingVideo of May 26th Meeting
Walnut Street Neighborhood Meeting #1 - PowerPoint.pdf

July 14th MeetingVideo of July 14th Meeting
Walnut Street Neighborhood Meeting #2 - PowerPoint.pdf

For questions regarding the Foxborough Housing Authority, waitlist and other FHA-related matters, please contact the Housing Authority at (508) 543-5960. 

For questions around process and general housing topics in Foxborough, please contact the Planning Department at (508) 543-1250.