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Wear a Face Covering in Public Places Animation
Wearing a face covering in public...

Face coverings are required in all public places - EVEN IF you can socially distance.
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Testing Icon
By monitoring yourself for illness...

1.  Feeling even just a little ill with COVID related symptoms???
2.  Have you been identified as a close contact???
If you answered yes to either of these questions, STAY HOME and only go out in public to get tested!
Use the interactive map @ to find a testing site near you!  Or to find a site that meets your needs.

Carpooling safety tips
By protecting those around you...

Yes!  COVID positive cases have been linked to carpooling. 
So if your the Office Taxi Driver or the Soccer Mom for the neighborhood kids, follow these safety tips and let's PROTECT each other.
Remember, wearing a face covering when riding in a vehicle with those not from your immediate household, is required under the new November 6 Face Covering Order. 
Cleaning and Disinfecting Info with link

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COVID-19 FAQs with Link

General COVID Information

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Sign up to receive Massachusetts related COVID alerts via text, email or your preferred language.
How to Isolate
Did your COVID test come back positive?
It's time to protect those around you and ISOLATE
Definition of a Close Contact
Are you a close contact of someone that tested positive?
Close contacts MUST Quarantine for 14 days*
"How to Quarantine 101"
*Or 10 days provided all of the following are satisfied:
1.  You have not had, and do not have, any symptoms;
2. You are tested (via the molecular diagnostic PCR test) on day 8 or later of your quarantine;
3.  You receive a negative test result; AND
4. You monitor yourself for symptoms for the full 14 days.  If you develop symptoms you should contact your health car provider and be re-tested.
Need Assistance Icon
The State has compiled resources to help MA residents get through these difficult times.  Click here to find resources and get the assistance you need!
Ways to help
Volunteer and become an MRC member...
Consider training to be a Contact Tracer...
Find all the ways to help here!

Stay Informed


(The link above provides
the complete list)

Consumer Alert! 
"Know Your Hand Sanitizer"
*What to consider when buying hand sanitizer*

(FDA consumer information article)

Twitter @MassDPH

Gov. Baker Video Press Conferences
COVID-19 Press Releases

Daily & Weekly Public Health COVID Dashboard
(Daily Cases, Hospitalizations, Deaths,
Cases by Town/City, PPE Distribution Summary)

Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE)
(COVID positive case counts within MA schools) - COVID-19 Homepage
(Available in over 25 different languages - click "Select Language" located on the top of page)

Mass. Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)
(MEMA Map of Public Resources)
(MEMA Interactive COVID-19 Data)

Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
COVID-19 Homepage
Stay Safe

If you or a family/household member does not feel safe at home,
call 1-800-799-7233
If you are unable to speak safely, log onto to chat online OR
text LOVEIS to 22522

Have you tested positive for COVID-19, but do not have a safe place to isolate?  You can call 617-367-5150 to access an isolation and recovery site.

Neglect & Abuse
For all abuse and neglect resources, including how to file a report of abuse or neglect, click here


Mental Health

Check in with your Mental Health & Well Being

(Click the image below to be directed to ALL State resources)
State Mental Health Resource Image and Link
If you're looking for individual mental health support, this searchable directory at the State launched Massachusetts Network of Care, may be a good first step.
Also, check out MassSupport - Free COVID-19 Counseling and Support  (1-888-215-4920 - Mon.-Fri)
Help a friend...Help a loved one
who may be struggling with mental health.
You don't have to be an expert!  All you need to do is...

Ask, Listen, Encourage,
Check in

Know what to look for...Know the signs...Start the conversation...Find out how!

Check in with your child's mental health.
For these resources, click here.


Protection through PPE
(If you are a medical facility, nursing home, assisted living facility, community health center, private/non-fire-based EMS, local public health group, or are otherwise providing clinical care - see below)
Guidance for Requesting PPE


Guidance and Orders
to Take Note

Travel Order Information Icon
Be sure to follow the Governor's Travel Order
When traveling to and returning from a State designated as 'High Risk', travelers must:
1.  Fill out the online "Massachusetts Travel Form"
2. Quarantine upon arrival home or produce a negative COVID-19 test (via the molecular diagnostic PCR test).  You must quarantine prior to the test and while awaiting your results.  Find a test site.
There are certain exemptions to the travel order.  You can find these and other related information, as well as FAQs by visiting
State Risk Level changes frequently.

early closure infographic
The Governor has ordered an "Early Closure Order" for certain businesses.
The Governor also issued the "Stay at Home Advisory".  There should be no public or private gatherings between 10pm-5am.  Traveling during these hours should be limited to essential needs only (i.e. work/school, grocery shopping, pharmacy pickup, etc.)
Private gathering infographic
Did you know?
Household transmission and social gatherings represent 88% of all new and ongoing clusters since September 27?
Be safe...Follow the Gatherings Order...Keep it small...
Private Residences:
Indoor - 10 Persons Only / Outdoor - 25 Persons Only
Public Spaces:
Indoor - 25 Persons Only
Outdoor - 100 Persons Only (Low-Risk Communities)
Outdoor - 50 Persons Only (High Risk Communities) 
Reopening Guidance for MA Businesses
All business allowed to be open under the current Governor's Phased Reopening Plan MUST comply with the State's "Mandatory Safety Standards" as well as their particular "Sector-Specific Protocols and Best Practices"
Mandatory Safety Standards include having a written COVID-19 Control Plan and posting the following posters: Compliance Attestation Poster, Employer Poster, Worker Poster.
Do you know what to do if there is a positive case among your workforce?  Plan for that know...Develop your COVID-19 Control Plan.  The State has a template to assist you in making sure you have thought of and complied with all of the reopening safety standards.  Take a look at each box in each section of the template.  Does your plan provide site specific information on this?