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This Town of Foxborough COVID-19 Dashboard page provides Foxborough-specific information related to:
*Foxborough's 14-Day Covid-19 Positive Case Counts;
*Foxborough's 14-Day Covid-19 Percent Positivity Rates; and
*Foxborough's Vaccination Data. 

Data found on the graphs below are pulled from the State's Department of Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard.  For State specific data and information, click here.


Town of Foxborough 14-Day Case Counts1 - Reported weekly, every Thursday by the State:

Graph depicting Foxborough's two week Covid case count
1The more recent data shown above may not represent the total number of positive individuals.  This data does not include the positive test results received through at-home test kits, as individuals do not report their positive test results to the State.
Note: On 4/20/2023, the State's dashboard did not report the two week case count because the data cell had fewer than five observations.


Town of Foxborough's 14 Day Percent Positivity2
Graph depicting Foxborough's 14-day Covid percent positivity
2A 14-Day Percent Positivity is calculated by taking the percentage of all Covid-19 positive tests, dividing by total number of molecular Covid-19 tests performed, then multiplying by 100%. 


Town of Foxborough Vaccination Data - Individuals that have Completed their Primary Series3
Graph depicting the number of Foxborough residents that have completed their primary series for Covid (previously described as "fully vaccinated")
3Primary series vaccinations are dependent on age and vaccine formulation.  For more information on the Covid vaccine and what is recommended by the CDC per age group, visit CDC's Stay Up to Date with Vaccines webpage.
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