General Information

Applicability: Building permits are required for any construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, moving or demolition of a building or structure; or change of use and occupancy; or for the installation or alteration of any equipment which is regulated under the provisions of the Massachusetts State Building Code.

Exemptions: Building permits are not required for, one story detached accessory structures used as tool or storage sheds provided that the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet (regardless of the size, must be at least 5 feet from the rear and side property lines and not in the front yard setback); fences 6 feet in height or less; retaining walls which retain less than 4 feet of unbalanced fill; ordinary repairs and maintenance which do not alter the building or structure; greenhouse covered exclusively with plastic film.


Application: Application must be applied for by the owner or authorized agent. The application must be thoroughly and accurately completed through the online portal. Accuracy and completeness will directly affect the time required to process the application through the Planning, Conservation, Health, Water and Sewer, Fire and Building Departments. The Massachusetts State Building Code (780 CMR) provide that the building official shall review an application within 30 days of filing. For purpose of this section, the application is not considered to have been approved until all applicable departments have approved it. The building permit fee, payable to the Town of Foxborough in the correct amount, will be requested after permit application has been approved and can be paid either online or by check at the Building Dept. Permit fees are not reimbursable, non-transferable, nor does payment guarantee issuance of a building permit.

Construction Documents: Upload one (1) set of scaled drawings and specifications with the completed online application. The plans must be of sufficient clarity, detail and dimensions to show compliance with the building code. At a minimum, construction documents shall include the following: foundation plans and details, floor plans with room dimensions and showing the location of all fire protection systems and heating system storage areas, exterior building elevations, framing plans showing structural elements and connection details, schedule and/or detail of door and window installation and energy conservation details. If the proposed work involves adding a bedroom, the plans must show location of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Work requiring the installation of fire alarm/fire protection must also be shown on the plans. Upon plan review by the Building Department, one (1) set of plans will be forwarded to the Fire Department for inspection purposes.

Stamped Plans: Plans and specifications for any building containing more than 35,000 cubic feet of enclosed space must be stamped and signed by a Massachusetts registered architect or engineer. In addition, the building official may require the services of a registered design professional for plans involving the design of any structural member or building system.

Plot Plan: If the footprint of an existing building or structure is being changed or a new building is being located on a lot, a scaled plot plan must be submitted with the application. The plot plan, drawn and stamped by a registered land surveyor, must show lot dimensions, locations and setbacks of all existing and proposed structures, easements, septic systems, location of any flood zones and wetland. A mortgage survey plan will not be accepted to satisfy this requirement.

Construction Supervisor License and/or Home Improvement registration: If application is made by the contractor of record, upload a valid copy of your Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License and/or Home Improvement Registration, if applicable. If a homeowner is applying for a building permit (one and two family only), a completed homeowner exemption affidavit must be included with the application (form available at the Building Dept.).

Waste Disposal Affidavit: If the work involves demolition or debris removal complete and sign waste disposal affidavit (form available at the Inspections Dept. or on-line).

Worker's Compensation Insurance Affidavit: Complete and sign Worker's Compensation Insurance affidavit and include copy of insurance policy, if applicable (form available at Inspections Dept. or on-line).

Additional Information

Posting of Permit: The building permit must be posted at the work site in clear view and protected by the weather at all times and made available to the appropriate inspector during the required inspection.

Required Inspections: The building permit will indicate specific points in the construction process at which inspections must be made. No work should proceed until each of these phases has been inspected and approved. It is the applicant's responsibility to notify each inspector at least 24 hours in advance of each required inspection.

Expiration of Permit: A building permit expires if the work authorized is not started within six (6) months of issuance and continued, in good faith, to completion.

Occupancy: Upon substantial completion of work for new construction or change of use, a Certificate of Use and Occupancy must be obtained by the applicant before the building can be occupied. An application for a Certificate of Use and Occupancy (available at the Inspections Dept or on-line) must be completed and signed by the building permit applicant and made available to the appropriate inspectors during final inspection. Upon submittal of the application to the Inspections Department with all required signatures affixed, a Certificate of Use and Occupancy will be issued to the applicant.