Contact:      Paige Duncan, Planning Director                      Gabriela Jordan, Staff Planner
                      Diana Gray, Administrator
                      Norman Mullaney, Site Inspector

Address:    40 South Street                     Foxborough,MA 02035

Phone:     508-543-1250
Fax:       508-543-6278
Hours:       M-Th 8:30-4:00 Friday 8:30-12:30
Upcoming Meetings:   Foxborough Town Hall
                                            Gala Meeting Room, 40 South Street:
                                            September 23, 2021
                                            October 14, 2021
                                            October 28, 2021                                                       
Board Members:

Name Title Term
Kevin Weinfeld Chairman May 2024
Ronald Bressé
Vice Chairman May 2022
Tracey Vasile
 Clerk May 2024
Jeffrey Peterson
Member May 2023
Gary Whitehouse Member May 2023
John Rhoads
Associate Member May 2022


Mission Statement
To ensure an orderly and sustainable future for the Town, the Planning Board and its staff:

- Regulate the subdivision of land within Foxborough; 
- Create and update the Town's Master Plan; 
- Review amendments to the Zoning Bylaws and make recommendations to Town Meeting; 
- Review applications for Site Plan Review and certain Special Permits, and
- Review applications for work on designated Scenic Roads

Outdoor dining info, regulations and applications