WWII Corner Dedication Ceremony Press Release
Posted on 10/20/2020
WWII Veteran Josephine Miller Salutes Color Guard during National Anthem FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

October 10, 2020
Re: Town of Foxborough Unveils World War II Memorial Corner

Today, the Town of Foxborough Veteran Services Department unveiled a World War II Memorial at the corner of Mill and South Street in Foxborough. This small corner of no consequence now bears a significant reminder that will forever honor the service of Foxborough’s World War II Veterans. 

The ceremony today was a culmination of recognition for Foxborough’s WWII Veterans that Director of Veteran Services, Ally Rodriguez, had begun in September. In front of the Board of Selectmen and the veteran’s families, she presented Foxborough’s World War II veterans with a certificate of recognition and a custom Challenge coin bearing the Town Seal on one side and the 5 branches of the armed forces on the other. Today’s ceremony is a permanent and poignant acknowledgement of their service to their country.

Director Ally Rodriguez emphasized “I couldn't think of a better tribute than to plant a tree in honor of their service, to show how much they are loved, appreciated, and honored. As the tree grows, so will the love and respect we have for our Veterans. Children will see the tree grow and ask questions about the plaque and therefore a new generation will grow to honor those before them. This memorial will be cherished for decades to come. Every time we drive by it, we will remember the sacrifices those heroes made.”

Speakers included State Senator Paul Feeney, Representative Jay Barrows, Chair of the Board of Selectmen, Mark Elfman, and Foxborough Town Manager, William Keegan, Jr. 

Senator Feeney acknowledged “We are gathered today because of the importance of what we are doing, this little piece of property serves as a reminder and tribute in the middle of a neighborhood and in the heart of our community…I know every single time that I travel up and down this street, I will think of the service of our veterans not just in WWII, but the ones that serve today and the ones who serve the future generations and everyone who has fought for our community.”  

Rep. Barrows commended the Town “for once again never forgetting to recognize our veterans of World War II. This great spot in the town that people pass every day. I hope they slow down a little bit and take pause and think about the sacrifices that have been made to defend the commonwealth and country for the freedoms all of us enjoy.” 

Chairman Elfman thanked the “Greatest Generation World War II Veterans who served gloriously” and for recounting their time in the war at the Selectmen’s meetings “hearing those stories were wonderful, and we appreciated you coming before us to share them.” Mr. Keegan added, “We are so fortunate to have amongst our community these servicemen and women who answered the call at a time when their contribution meant so much. This dedication is a small token of our appreciation for their contribution to this community and this country.”

Charles Bridgham, the oldest WWII Veteran at 99 years old, assisted Director Ally Rodriguez in the unveiling of the plaque which sits in front of the red maple that will steadfastly grow along with our respect, admiration, and remembrance of what this Greatest Generation of heroes sacrificed for their community and country.


                      Click here to watch the full ceremony, courtesy of Foxboro Cable Access