Asst. Town Manager Mike Johns Going to Boxborough
Posted on 09/22/2022
Announcement of Michael Johns leaving for BoxboroughOff to another 'borough'

Assistant Town Manager and Human Resources Director Michael Johns has accepted a position as Town Administrator for the Town of Boxborough, Massachusetts. Johns has served the last four years as the Assistant Town Manager/HR Director and eight years prior as the Town’s Director of Veterans’ Services.

“It's off to the next "borough" where I'll do my best to bring the best practices we use here in Foxborough, and to spread the good work that is done here by all the dedicated employees and volunteers, said Johns.  I always preach to employees that the way you arrive and even more so, the way you depart an organization, is a sign of character.  I plan to practice what I preach by leaving all my affairs in good order, with solid contracts in place and great labor relations intact.”

Johns continued his praise of the Town, “Foxborough is a wonderful Town, a truly special community, with a workforce and volunteer/elected human capital base that is second to none!  It has been my honor to have had the opportunity to serve the residents, businesses and employees in the finest community in the Commonwealth.  It's the people, past and present, who have made my stay here in Foxborough so special.

Town Manager Bill Keegan wished Johns well in his new role, adding, “I have truly enjoyed working with Mike over the past four years. He has excellent management and leadership skills that will serve him well in his new role as a Town Administrator.  Boxborough will benefit, in the same way that Foxborough has, by Mike’s ability to work collaboratively and strategically with employees and policy makers so that the residents of the community are served at the highest level.”  

Selectmen Chairwoman Leah Gibson remarked “Mike has done so much to move Foxborough forward. We are sad to see him leave, but excited for this new opportunity for him.”

Town Manager Bill Keegan is working on a plan to continue to support Human Resources matters once Johns departs. He will be developing that strategy over the next few weeks. 

With Johns’ impending departure, this affords the Town the opportunity to re-examine the role of the Assistant Town Manager/HR Director.  There has been some discussion of hiring just an HR Director with a greater focus on personnel issues. However, with the Town Manager Search process beginning in Foxborough to replace the retiring Keegan, it is his recommendation that this discussion be held between the Board and the new Town Manager; slated to be appointed in late January 2023.

As this is an evolving situation, additional information with be forthcoming and announced on the Town’s website and/or Select Board meetings. The next meeting is Tuesday, September 27, at 7:00pm in the Gala Room at Town Hall. For more information, please contact Town Manager Bill Keegan at [email protected] or Communications and Civic Engagement Specialist Christina Metcalf at [email protected]. For comments or information from the Town of Boxborough, please contact Interim Town Administrator Carter Terenzini at [email protected]