East & Cocasset Street Construction Begins
Posted on 07/16/2023
East & Cocasset Street Construction East & Cocasset Street Construction
Begins week of 7/17

This week construction begins at East and Cocasset Street. The work includes realignment of East Street to provide T-shaped geometry, relocation of the existing crosswalk, installation of an RRFB, updating pavement markings, construction of cement-concrete ADA-compliant curb ramps, reconstruction of sidewalk within the project area, new curbing, and other incidental work.      
The Project includes intersection improvements at the intersection of East Street and Cocasset Street to eliminate the Y-shaped geometry to provide a single T-shaped intersection geometry to decrease pedestrian and vehicle conflict points, create a more visible pedestrian crossing location, and provide a clear and consistent path of pedestrian travel. The Project includes removing the east leg of East Street and realigning the west leg to create a standard 90-degree T-intersection, which will eliminate two conflict points at the intersection for both pedestrians and vehicles. The Project will also include tightening the northwest corner radius of the East Street approach to reduce turning vehicle speeds. Due to the proposed curb tightening, the Project also consists of the relocation of the existing crosswalk towards the realigned intersection to provide increased visibility of pedestrians within the crosswalk and constructing ADA-compliant curb ramps at the crosswalk. Installation of a pedestrian-activated warning device, such as a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) is proposed for the relocated crosswalk across Cocasset Street, which is a minor change from the project description in the prioritization plan.  Provision of the RRFB will increase the visibility of pedestrians and students desiring to cross Cocasset Street. 

The intersection of East Street / Cocasset Street is a critical pedestrian connection point for students accessing the Mabelle M. Burrell Elementary School from the residential areas to the east of the railroad bridge crossing Cocasset Street.  To the east of the bridge, sidewalk is provided along the south side of Cocasset Street. Traveling under the bridge and to the west of the bridge, sidewalk is provided along the north side of Cocasset Street. The crosswalk across Cocasset Street at East Street is heavily used as the connection between the two sidewalks. The existing intersection provides a Y-shaped geometry, consisting of several conflict points for pedestrians and vehicles. The intersection was identified by residents as a location of concern as the southbound right turn and eastbound left turn movements are able to navigate the intersection at high rates of speed due to the existing geometry. Sidewalks are currently provided along the west side of East Street.     

The Project is located within a quarter-mile of the Mabelle M. Burrell Elementary School and provides connection to several residential neighborhoods and recreational areas. The Project is within one mile of several recreation areas such as the County Street Area, the Canoe River Wilderness Area, and Beaumont Pond. The Project serves the pedestrian mode as it will provide ADA-compliant facilities with increased visibility, defined crossing areas at the intersection, and slower vehicle speeds at the crossing conflict point. The geometric intersection improvements serve the vehicular mode by reducing the corner radii which will slow vehicle speeds, reduce the number of conflict points, and improve sightlines for vehicles exiting East Street. The improved crosswalk location and RRFB will increase pedestrian visibility, serving both the pedestrian and vehicular modes. The community will benefit from this Project through safety, accessibility, and mobility for those traveling within and through the Project area, primarily children and students, to access the numerous destinations adjacent to and surrounding the Project limits.     

We apologize for any inconvenience this construction may cause and we appreciate your patience as we work to improve public safety.  Please call the Foxborough Department of Public Works at (508) 543-1228 if you have any particular questions or concerns or you can email them to DPW Director Chris Gallagher at  [email protected]