Housing Production Plan - Last Call to Contribute
Posted on 07/27/2020
Last chance to contribute to the Housing Production Plan

              Foxborough Housing Production Plan
                         Seeking Resident Input
                                                     Future housing in Town:
                      What type will be built and where will it go?

  Did you know?
• 34% of Foxborough households are low-income 
• 55% of elderly households are low-income 
• By 2030, the senior population is expected to rise by 38%
• Foxborough’s median household income in 2017 was $98,199; this average household     should be able to afford to purchase a $345,000 house with that income.
• The median single family sale price is $456,000; therefore the average Foxborough   household could not afford to purchase the average Foxborough home.

Now is the chance for residents to provide input on future housing in Foxborough, before Foxborough’s Housing Production Plan is finalized.  This is time sensitive so please visit MAPC’s Foxborough Housing website and click on the Virtual Open House:   https://www.mapc.org/resource-library/foxborough-housing/ today.
Note:  The online open house input deadline was extended for a few days to allow more resident input. Please act now so you don’t miss out on your chance to let us know your thoughts on the future of housing in Foxborough!

 Helpful links that provide background on the Housing Plan work that has been  underway since September 2019
• FCA’s Around Foxborough (Episode #47)- Housing Working Group Member (and town resident) Jared Craig and Planning Director Paige Duncan offer background on why Foxborough is looking at housing now: https://tinyurl.com/Housing-Show-Please-Watch

Forum #2 Panel Discussion on Small Houses – During outreach, we heard residents express the need for smaller, more affordable housing options for families starting out or for residents who want to downsize while staying in Foxborough. To better understand what it takes to build this sort of housing, and why isn’t it happening in Foxborough, we invited a panel of experts – including developers and architects – to discuss what it takes to build smaller, more affordable housing options. Over 70 residents joined the conversation. https://video.fcatv.org/videos/conversation-on-housing-panel-discussion-on-small-houses/

• In-depth Foxborough Cable Access show with the Open House Info
- After you watch you can fill out a paper survey, click here to download and print
 (Please note:  if you do the Online Open House you do not need to do the paper version). 

Please visit the Virtual Open House, and ask your friends, family and neighbors to do the same.  For questions about the project, for more information or to get involved, contact Paige Duncan at [email protected] or Alexis Smith at [email protected].

                  Thank you for your input on this very important matter & be well!