Update on Housing & Services for Migrant Families
Posted on 09/07/2023
Update on Housing & Services for Migrant Families

Update Town of Foxborough Provides Update on Housing and Services for Migrant Families

FOXBOROUGH – Acting Town Manager Paige Duncan and the Town of Foxborough are committed to transparency and regular updates to the community on the safe and effective delivery of municipal services to migrant families being housed in Foxborough on an emergency basis.
The Town was notified by the Governor’s Office last month that the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities will be renting rooms at a hotel in Foxborough to serve as long term, temporary housing for a number of migrants.  The Commonwealth will place as many as 93 families in this hotel, on a staggered basis. Governor Maura Healy recently declared a state of emergency concerning the ongoing migrant crisis. Therefore, the Town of Foxborough is one of many communities required to come to the aid of those who have been forced from their homes. 
As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, 30 rooms at the hotel are occupied with 110 total people. Just over two dozen students have registered and will start at Foxborough Public Schools on Monday. As families arrive, municipal agencies are responding appropriately and providing services. 

The Town and Foxborough Public Schools have received numerous inquiries about donations of personal items, school supplies and other services. Officials are still formulating a process to organize, centralize and streamline any donations from the community. At this time, we continue to ask families to NOT bring items to the schools, to town hall, or to the hotel and to await further information on donations. 

Information on a community donation drive and ways to volunteer will be provided next week, as details are still being finalized. 

Foxborough has engaged with its community partners, faith-based organizations, and local representatives all of whom have organized to assist the newly arriving migrants, consisting mainly of families.