The Keeping of Animals and Fowl
(Town of Foxborough Board of Health)



Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) assist landowners with horses in simple practices that can help prevent the contamination of local water supplies.
Raising chickens?  Did you know there is a danger of being exposed to Salmonella infections during your daily care and contact with them.  Find out how to protect yourself and your family from this infection.     
Salmonella Outbreak linked to Backyard Poultry
***Summer 2019 - Click for more information*****
Calling all reptile and amphibian pet owners!!!  The CDC warns of the dangers in Salmonella infections associated with the care of these pets.  Click here to learn best practices.

Do you have a plan for your pets and animals during an emergency? Click here to get prepared.

Petting zoo guidelines - Click here
Consumer Safety Poster - Handwashing After Animal Exhibits Encounters


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