*Norfolk County Mosquito Control District* 

Wondering if spraying will occur near your home?  Effective May 2019, after hours phone service will no longer be available.  If you wish to be notified of nearby spraying near your home, sign up for the "Automated Notification (E-mail) System"  Call the Norfolk County Mosquito Control District Office (781-762-3681) is you wish to register for this service.

Request exclusion from Wide Area Pesticide Application FAQs related to Pesticide Application Exclusions

Tire Recycling Program - Temporarily suspended during the mosquito season.  Used tire collections will resume October 1, 2019

2019 Seasonal Aerial Applications - Notifications

2019 Spring Targeted Wetland Locations (MAP)
May 2019 Aerial Application Notification (NCMCD) April 2019 Aerial Application Notification (NCMCD)

Mass. Department of Public Health

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Preventing Mosquito Bites (MA DPH Brochure)
Learn more about mosquito-borne diseases
2019 Arbovirus Updates (EEE & WNV mosquito testing results)


Tick Identification Card

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Image depicting the lifecycle of a black legged tick
Life Cycle of a Black-legged tick - Ticks often associated with transmission of lyme disease.

Did you know? 
Ticks are not born with the lyme disease agent, they must acquire it from a host while feeding.  
Ticks cannot fly or jump.  Ticks wait for their hosts on leaves and grass securing themselves with their back legs while their upper legs are stretched out.  As a host brushes past, the tick will affix itself and look for a spot to feed.
General information about ticks and tick-borne diseases (MA DPH)

2019 Monthly Tick Reports

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