Foxborough Property Inspection Program

In order to provide full and fair cash value per (MGL. Chapter 59 S38) for property owners in Foxborough, an extensive inspection program is required to follow changes to property relating to improvements or increased depreciation from deferred maintenance.
Throughout the year, residents may occasionally meet an assessor or contractor from our office, with the most active time between April and November.

The inspections include a knock on the door to complete both an interior and exterior inspection. If the homeowner is not home, a door hanger will be left allowing the homeowner to call to set up the interior inspection at another time at the property owners convenience. It should be noted that the inspector will complete an exterior measure and two photos if no one is home to check and update our files. If property owners are concerned about the presence of an inspector on your property, please contact the Assessor’s office.

There are several reasons why the Assessor completes inspections: 

Building Permits (March-June)
Each year the town has consultants that visit new construction including new homes, additions, and other projects that add value to a property or in some cases to verify removal of property that reduces value, for example demolition, removal of pools and decks etc.

Cyclical Inspection (All year)
This program is required by the Department of Revenue and requires that each property in town be visited once every 10 years to check for changes. As Foxborough has approximately 6,200 parcels with structures, the program is spread out over several years to complete the program and reduce the financial burden to the town. As it will take 5-10 years to complete all the parcels, once that is done, the program is started over again to maintain accurate data.

Abatement Inspection (February-March)
Property values are appealed during the month of January every year by state law. These applications are due February 1st. In order to be eligible for an abatement, the process requires a full inspection of the property to determine full and fair cash value. These inspections are completed by the Assessor’s office. The inspection includes a walk-through of the interior and measurements on the exterior of any structures with exterior photos.
Sales Inspection (All year)
When property transactions occur the Assessor’s office receives these sales from the Registry of Deeds and makes ownership changes as needed. To improve our data and the check on changes to properties, we send Sales Questionnaires to property owners requesting sales information and inspection. This assists the office in establishing accurate values from the point of sale forward.

Personal Property Inspection (January–April)

All businesses are subject to inspection for Business Personal Property to verify equipment in use and the assets listed on your Form of List. Inspections will begin in January and continue throughout the Spring. 

If a property owner has a concern about their property record card or an error in the sketch, they should contact the Assessor’s office to schedule an appointment to review your property. This is the best way to ensure accuracy of your property valuation. If you have  any questions or concerns about the inspection program, please call the Assessor’s office at (508) 543-1215.