Fee Schedule:

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Last updated: July 2024



Business Certificate (DBA or Fictitious Name) Filing
*Includes a certified copy


Business Certificate changes, such as discontinuance, address change, retirement / withdrawal
*Includes certified copy


Correcting errors in records of birth, marriage, or death


Dog Licensing: Unaltered Male/Female



Dog Licensing: Neutered Male/Spayed Female


Entering a delayed record of birth or marriage


Filing Notice of Marriage Intentions


Issuing certified copy of birth, marriage, or death certificate


First Raffle Permit


Raffle Permit Renewal (yearly)

Receiving and filing inventory of all items to be included in a "closing out sale", etc.

First page $10.00 (each additional page $2.00)

Recording order granting location of poles, piers, abutments, or conduits (electric & telephone companies) under provisions of Sec. 22 of Chapter 166.

$40.00 (each additional street $10.00)

Registration of Physician


Street Listing