*State of Massachusetts Sanitary Code (105 CMR 590.000)

*Merged State & Federal Food Code

*2013 Federal Food Code with Annex

*2015 Supplement to the 2013 Food Code

*Food Allergy Awareness Requirements (105 CMR 590.011(C))

*Anti-choking Procedures (105 CMR 590.011(A))

*Frozen Dessert (105 CMR 561.000)

*Ice Cream Truck Vendors, Permitting of
(Dept. of Public Safety - 520 CMR 15.00)


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the greatest contributing factors to foodborne illness include; 

1. Food from unsafe sources,
2. Improper cooking temperatures,
3. Improper hot/cold holding,
4. Contaminated equipment, and;
5. Poor personal hygiene. 

The Foxborough Board of Health is committed to keeping its residents and visitors safe and this is accomplished by performing inspections in accordance with our Risk Based Inspection Program.  

During each inspection, our Inspector will inspect each facility focusing his/her time on operations directly associated with the risk factors listed above.

For your reference and use, the resources below are being made available to you in the hopes that they may assist you safely operating your establishment and maintaining compliance with the Food Code.

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Department of Public Health
Food Protection Program - Main website

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Most employees are "Oral Culture Learners", meaning, they learn best when they can relate the information provided to them on a personal/emotional level.  The FDA has developed food safety materials that may assist your employees in reaching that personal connection and understanding the "why" behind your food safety practices.
All resources are FREE to download!!!

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