Annual Town Meeting & Associated Debt Exclusion Vote:


When: May 13-14*, 2024 at 7pm (*the meeting will only run into the 14th if all items are not resolved)Where: Foxborough High School on South Street
What: During this meeting, we will discuss the Warrant and residents will have the opportunity to participate in a ballot vote to approve funding via debt exclusion for three of the Articles (pending their approval by resident vote at Town Election on May 6th)

How to Prepare:

  • Review our Resident Guides:
  • Register to vote:
  • Know the issues to be discussed &/or voted on:
    • Review the Warrant below
    • More educational materials will be available soon 
  • Understand what a Debt Exclusion is & how it may affect you:
    • What is a Debt Exclusion anyway? Click here to learn more! 
    • More educational materials will be available soon! 
  • Other Resources: