About Your Tax Bill:

The Quarterly tax bills are mailed out twice a year, July 1st and January 1st.

The July 1st mailing contains the preliminary tax bill due August 1st and the preliminary tax bill due November 1st.

The January 1st mailing contains the actual tax bill due February 1st and the actual tax bill due May 1st.


All bills are payable within 30 days from the date of issue or the due date indicated on the bill. Late payments will be assessed interest and late charges in accordance with the Massachusetts General Law. Payments are considered made when received by the Collector. Interest will be computed on overdue payments back to the due date. Please note: postmarks are not accepted as receipt dates.

Payments must be received by the Collector's office by 4:00pm on the due date (12:30pm on Friday).

By Mail:

Payments can be sent directly to: Town of Foxborough, Treasurer/Collector, 40 South Street, Foxborough, MA 02035. When mailing in the enclosed envelope, be sure to enclose the remittance portion of the bill to ensure proper credit. 

In Person:

The collector's office will gladly accept payments made at Town Hall during business hours.

After Hours:

After hours, taxpayers may use the outside drop box.


Online payments are accepted for CURRENT real estate and personal property taxes. Check out our Online Billing Portal to pay your bill online using our safe and secure website.

If you use your bank's online payment service, please make sure the payment is sent directly to: Town of Foxborough, 40 South Street, Foxborough, MA 02035. Please be sure to document the correct bill information in the memo field in order for the check to be processed correctly. It may take up to two weeks for our office to receive and post your payment.

By Third Party:

If your taxes are being paid by a bank or mortgage company, please contact them to ensure that they have the correct tax information for your account. Remember, as the property owner you are responsible for the tax obligations.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Under state law, Chapter 60, Section 3, failure to receive a bill does not affect the validity of the tax or any interest or fines incurred due to late payment(s). It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to secure his/her tax bill when one is not received.

More Info:

For information on abatements or exemptions please visit the Assessors' website or contact them at 508-543-1215.