A taxpayer must pay an excise tax for any calendar year he or she owns and registers a motor vehicle in Massachusetts. The excise is assessed as of January 1, or the first day of the month the vehicle is registered after January 1. The Registry of Motor Vehicles is responsible for the information reported on the excise bills that the Town mails out.

How to Pay

Taxpayers must pay excise in full within 30 days of the bill's issue date. Failure to pay the excise tax when due may subject the taxpayer to interest, charges, collection action, including non-renewal of registration and driver's license. Visit our 

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If you have been served a notice for nonpayment of excise from our Deputy Tax Collector (Kelley & Ryan) and/or you have been notified by the Registry of Motor Vehicles for nonpayment of excise, you may pay our Deputy Tax Collector, Kelley & Ryan directly at or you can call them at 1-800-491-9788.

For information on abatements, please visit our abatement information page or contact the Assessor's Office at 508-543-1215.