Migrant families to be housed in Foxborough
Posted on 08/24/2023
Migrant families to be housed in FoxboroughMigrant Families to be housed in Foxborough
August 24, 2023

Acting Town Manager Paige Duncan was notified earlier this week that the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities will be renting rooms at a hotel in Foxborough to serve as long term, temporary housing for a number of migrants.  We have been informed the Commonwealth will place as many as 93 families in this hotel, on a staggered basis, beginning as early as next week. 

Governor Maura Healy recently declared a state of emergency concerning the ongoing migrant crisis. Therefore, the Town of Foxborough is one of many communities required to come to the aid of those who have been forced from their homes. 
In accordance with the State's mandates, the Town of Foxborough is in the process of formulating strategies to ensure the well-being and health of individuals arriving under the Massachusetts Right to Shelter Law. In light of the recent notification about the families' placement in  Foxborough, key municipal personnel convened to deliberate on various logistical aspects. These include matters related to health, transportation, educational requirements, regulatory compliance and communication. Collaborative efforts with local and regional non-profit organizations, as well as the regional transit authority, are planned for the coming week to promptly address both immediate and medium-term necessities of the incoming families.
The Town is taking the following measures:
• Fire Chief Michael Kelleher and Building Commissioner Scott Shippey are working to ensure that the hotel, which is not intended to provide permanent housing, has and maintains proper building, health and fire code standards.
• Public Health Nurse and EMS Deputy Chief Tom Kenvin will be meeting with area hospitals and healthcare providers to ensure that there are services for expectant mothers.
• The Town is working to increase its available translation services. 
• Superintendent Dr. Amy Berdos will be working with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on logistics to provide educational services and support to the children being placed in Foxborough. The Superintendent has been informed that the state will be providing immediate funding assistance to school districts on a per pupil basis.
• We are aggressively working with the Administration to identify support in terms of funding, supplies and resources. We will be working closely with our local legislators as this situation continues to evolve.
Foxborough is fortunate to have a dedicated team that is committed to efficiently managing the necessary logistical challenges associated with this situation. It is important to note that detailed information is currently limited due to the dynamic and evolving nature of this circumstance on a day-to-day basis.

As is often the case when people are in need, we expect to receive numerous offers of aid and supplies from our residents. At this time, we are asking residents to be patient and not bring unsolicited items to Town Hall. We are working with our public health and human services groups to assess the needs of these individuals, and more information about how you may help will be provided as soon as possible.
Thank you for your anticipated support. We will provide additional updates as information becomes available. 

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