2024 Seasonal Aerial & Aerosol Applications - Notifications

February 9, 2024 -  Notice of Aerial Larval Control Application
Notification of the potential for spring (and summer if conditions warrant) aerial applications targeting mosquito larvae in the larger wetlands of the District.  These applications will be conducted via helicopter.  Potential applications may be conducted between April 4 and October 28, 2024.  More information is available online at www.norfolkcountymosquito.org
Targeted wetland areas will be made available as it gets closer to the application date(s).  Keep checking the Norfolk County Mosquito Control District for this information. View Larvicide information.

2024 Dept. of Public Health Press Releases

Norfolk County Mosquito Control District

The Norfolk County Mosquito Control District (NCMCD) provides mosquito control activities, education and outreach throughout the year to Foxborough and 24 other Towns and Cities found within Norfolk County.  Their website is the go-to source for all local area spraying and relative information.

Below, you will find some of the most common sought out questions about the NCMCD.

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