About Us:

The Foxborough Housing Authority works to provide safe and affordable housing for Elderly, Non-Elderly, and Families. We are here to provide assistance and process applications. We understand the importance for a stable home life. Everyone is welcome to apply. We take pride in giving you the assistance you need



Foxborough Housing Authority (Elected):

Members Term Date
Gregory Spier, Chair  5/7/2029
Kevin Powers, Vice Chair   5/1/2026
Nancy D'uva  5/1/2028
Heather Konieczka, Tenant Appointee  5/1/2025
Sue Perez, State Appointee, Treasurer   -


Foxborough Affordable Housing Trust (Town Manager Appointed):

Members Term Date
Mark Elfman 5/31/2025
Scott Martyniak 5/31/2025
Dennis Naughton 5/31/2025
Sue Perez, State Appointee 5/31/2025
Tracey Vasile 5/31/2025


Margaret M. Hurd, Executive Director 

Address:90 N. Carl Annon Court, Foxborough, MA 02035

Phone: 508-543-5960

Fax:         508-698-0480

Meetings:Third Thursday of the month at 6:00pm

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