In early 2019, Foxborough residents began advocating for an Intergenerational Community Center to improve access to programs and services provided by the Council on Aging and Recreation Departments. Through this advocacy, the Fall 2019 Town Meeting approved $40,000 to conduct a Feasibility Study. Bargman Hendrie Architypes was hired in early 2020 through the procurement process. Unfortunately, COVID-19 drastically impacted the data collection and public information gathering process of completing a Feasibility Study during the allotted time. In June 2021, the Director of Human Services presented to the Select Board a completed Feasibility Study which highlighted the need for a potential new Community Center to be located at 1 of 3 sites off of Payson Road. A copy of this study can be found HERE. 



With the retirement of long time Recreation Director, Debbie Giardino, Town Manager, Bill Keegan, reorganized the Human Services Department to include 4 "divisions". These divisions include Recreation, Veteran Services, Council on Aging, & Human Services. The Assistant Recreation Director, Renee Tocci was promoted to Recreation Director and the entire Department was led by Marc Craig as the Director of Human Services. This reorganization has allowed for coordination of services and programs with the goal of establishing a Community Center in the future. The reorganizational chart can be found HERE.



  • Address: 76 Main Street, Foxborough, MA
  • Purchase Timeline can be found HERE. (*updated 4/17)
  • Mold Investigation Report from Terracon (August 2022) can be found HERE.
    ("Indoor airborne mold spore concentrations were well below the outdoor concentration...")
  • Mold Investigation Report from Heaton Environmental (July 2023) can be found HERE
    ("No visible mold was noted, Air tests showed relatively normal mold levels")
  • Detailed floor plans of the church can be found HERE.
  • Original announcement of purchase can be found HERE