Important Information for Private Well Owners
Current Drought Status - CRITICAL

Critical Drought Infographic
(The following is an excerpt from the State of Massachusetts)

During a drought, wells and reservoirs can drop to low levels because there is less water to draw from the ground. Your water supply will be affected if the drought continues.
Any water conservation efforts you make can have a great benefit on your own water supply, and the community's water supply. If you follow town restrictions and conserve water appropriately, you will help your community to have enough water for fire protection (the likelihood of fires increases as conditions get dry), public health and safety, and the environment. To help, you can:

Be mindful of the amount of water you use.  Follow the same water restrictions that your city or town is following.

Remember, even if you have your own well, it almost always still comes from the same source as the public water supply, as long as you are in the same river basin. Water conservation measures are critical and should be started early. Reducing your water use can save water for the future!

Construction of a Private Well

Start here:
Town of Foxborough Board of Health Private Well Regulations

Looking to install an irrigation well or a private drinking water well?  The Foxborough Board of Health is the Department that oversees the installation and testing of each private well in Town.  How do you begin?  Follow the steps and resources below...

1. Apply

Owner's - Begin by completing the Construction of a Private Well Permit Application*Applications require both the Owner & Driller's signature*

2. Drill

Well drillers are regulated and certified by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) through its "Well Drillers Program"

For the complete list of MA DEP certified well drillers, click here.
For a short list of driller that have performed well drilling in Foxborough, click here.

3. Test

Whether your intended use of the well will be for irrigation or potable drinking water, water sampling and testing is required. 

What do you have to test for?  The Private Well Regulations details all required analytes.  Looking for what to test for in a "list" format, click here.

What laboratory do I use?
Find a State-certified laboratory here.

Here are some "tricks" when entering your search criteria...
Don't specify lab name OR ID
State: Massachusetts
Region: Your preference
Don't specify analyte, method, rule code
Matrix: Potable (Drinking Water)

The Town of Foxborough Board  of Health recommends that Private Well Owners have their well water tested annually.

Additional Resources

Did you get your water testing done and looking to better understand the results?  The MA DEP provides Homeowners with the online program entitled "Be Well Informed" hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Learn more and be able to access this online tool at the following link.

Did you know?
If you are using your well as a supply for potable drinking water you are PROHIBITED from also being connected to the Town's water distribution system.