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The Town of Foxborough DOES NOT contract with any one specific Trash Hauler Company.  This allows each Property Owner to choose the Company that will fit their individual needs. 

Currently, the only trash hauler that provides residential curbside pickup in Town is:

United Hauling, Inc. (aka WinWaste Innovations)
331A SW Cutoff
Millbury, MA  01527

Please take note, all Trash Haulers, must be licensed with the Foxborough Board of Health.  This includes trash companies that may provide a dumpster to residential customers for construction debris or general cleanouts.  Please refer to the list below for those companies currently licensed with us during the calendar year of 2023.

*2023 Licensed Trash Hauler List


Important Trash News
Effective November 1, 2022 the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) is implementing a waste ban on mattresses and textiles. These materials will no longer be allowed to be thrown away in your household or business trash. Mattresses (including box springs) and textiles will now need to be recycled or donated for reuse.

The State has set a goal to reduce trash disposal by 30% statewide by the year 2030 and by 90% by the year 2050.

What does this mean for you?
Mattresses (including box springs) and textiles will now need to be recycled or donated for reuse.
*PLEASE NOTE* - "Recycled" does not mean to place your textiles in the "blue" recycling bin you currently have and use for glass jars, paper, etc.  Recycling textiles is different, read further down to see options for textile and mattress recycling.


So is there anything that would NOT be considered a mattress? Some examples include; a mattress pad, mattress topper, sleeping bag, pillow, car bed, playpen, lounge pad, air mattress, water bed, futon mattresses and sofa beds.

Here's a shocking statistic!  Massachusetts residents get rid of almost 300,000 mattresses and box springs every year.  That's a lot of mattresses taking up space in a landfill!  But did you know, 
75% of what's in the mattress can be recycled?!  Check it out!
Image showing how much of a mattress can be recycled


So what's a "textile"?  Some examples of textiles include; clothes, shoes (including flip flops and cleats), towels, curtains, linens, and cloth accessories (such as bags, belts and hats).  If you are unsure if a particular item is able to be recycled or not, go to the State's Recyclopedia search engine.

Why has textiles become a banned material?  Massachusetts residents and businesses throw away nearly 230,000 tons of textiles every year!  But, did you know that 95% of the textiles being thrown away can be reused or repurposed!  Even clothing that may be ripped, stained, or missing buttons, etc. can still be recycled and repurposed into a different use.  Check out the infographic below.

The State's infographic entitled "The secret double like of donated textiles".  Showing the importance of donating or recycling textiles.

So what do you do now?

Foxborough does not currently have a recycling program in place for residents to bring unwanted mattresses or textiles, nor do we currently have a contract with any one specific vendor to do so.

Also, the State's waste ban RESTRICTS trash haulers from picking these items up curbside.  They will be left behind and in some cases, haulers may even charge the customer if mattresses are noted in a roll off/dumpster.

It will be up to the Resident to properly recycle or donate mattresses and textiles. 

Donate or Recycle...

*Donate textiles in good condition to a local thrift store and/or organization.  Some may even provide pick up services.  Try a Google search "Donation Centers".

*Look up recycling options for mattresses at the State's "Beyond the Bin" search engine.
 Short List: New Life Furniture Bank of MA
                     Green Mattress Recycling
                     Blackstone Valley Regional Recycling Center

*Textile recycling bins can also be searched for at Beyond the Bin as well.  Textiles that may be ripped or missing buttons, zippers, etc. for example, that may not be acceptable at thrift stores, can be brought to the drop off locations found on this website.

*Replacing an existing mattress with a new one?  Some retailers will take away and recycle the old mattress while delivering your new one.  Ask the retailer if this is something they do.

*Some retailers have take-back programs and some will accept any brand of clothing.  Find a list of retailers here.

Additional Resources (Recycling)...

RecycleSmart - Check this website out for anything and everything you would want to know about recycling!!!  Like Do's and Don'ts, Recycling Myths Getting Busted, and a great FAQs section!

Additional Resources (Hazardous Waste)...

Hazardous waste day is typically coordinated by the Foxborough Highway Department and is usually held in the Spring.  Information about the collection day will be available on the Foxborough Highway Department's webpage.

Speaking of hazardous waste day, did you know that the Highway Department will not accept latex paint as part of the collection.  Latex paint is non-hazardous and can simply be hardened and then placed in your regular trash.  Oil based paints, thinners and stains on the other hand CAN be brought to the Foxborough Highway Department on Mondays only (excluding holidays) between the hours of 8:00am - 3:00pm.

Have old batteries?  That's a tricky one!  Depending on the type of battery, you can dispose some in your household trash!  For additional information on hazardous waste found in your home (including proper battery disposal), click here and you'll be directed to the Mass DEP's household hazardous waste site.

Need to dispose of hazardous waste immediately, this site also has a list of private disposal facilities open to all municipalities.  Check out their website under "Find a Collection Facility Near You" to see what they'll accept and proper disposal procedures.