Table of Contents

Last Revised July 2023

Article 1

Citation & Purpose

Article 2


Article 3

Plan Submittal and Procedures

Article 4

Planning Board Actions

Article 5

Design Standards

Article 6

Construction Requirements

Article 7

Inspections, Completion and Acceptance




Appendix A

List of Forms

Form A

Application for an Approval Not Required Plan

Form B

Application for Approval of Preliminary Plan

Form C

Application for Approval of Definitive Plan

Form D

Application for Approval of a Frontage Waiver

Form E

Designer's Certificate

Form F


Form G

Irrevocable Letter of Credit

Form H

Tri-partite Agreement

Form K

Lot Release From Covenant

Form L

Utility Easement

Appendix B

Construction Details

Exhibit 1

Typical Roadway Section

Exhibit 2

Typical Ledge Cut Section

Exhibit 3

Setting Sloped Granite Curbing

Exhibit 4

Setting Granite Curb Inlet

Exhibit 5

Driveway/Sidewalk Detail

Exhibit 6

(Removed 2-27-03)

Exhibit 7

Typical Drain Manhole

Exhibit 8

Typical Pipe Installation in Manhole

Exhibit 9

Precast Catch Basin

Exhibit 10

Typical Underground Utility Plan

Appendix C

As-Built Plan Requirements

Appendix D

Massachusetts Highway Department Street Description Sheet

Appendix E

Requirements for Disk Submittals