Annual Flushing Program:

The Foxborough Water & Sewer Division of Public Works conducts an annual flushing program based on hydraulic modeling to improve overall water quality and "flush out" sedimentation which may build up over time.  Based on this modeling, our water system is separated into zones and valves are strategically closed to ensure unidirectional flow.  Water & Sewer staff will then open specific hydrants and allow them to discharge water until the system has been adequately flushed. 

Historically, this type of disturbance to the system could occasionally result in discolored water for some customers. Particularly for those who receive water from more isolated pipe sections.   However, since the construction of our treatment plants, these types of reported incidents have significantly declined. 

Before flushing, notices are typically posted on the town website or with physical signage around town. By clicking the map below, you can see what zone your street may fall within (click on map below to enlarge).

Flushing zone map PDF