Dog Licensing Information:

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All dog owners are required to have their dogs vaccinated against rabies and license their dog (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140, Section 137 & Chapters 78 and 275 of the Code of the Town of Foxborough).

  • Each dog shall be licensed at the office of the Town Clerk annually (licensing period runs from January 1 to February 28th). An additional $25.00 fee (late fee) may be charged for renewal of any licenses after February 28th of each year. Licenses can be procured in person at Town Hall or via application submitted by mail. You can also submit and pay for your dog license online via our Dog Licensing Online Portal. For more information about the portal, visit our Online Bill Center.
  • The owner must provide a veterinarian certificate as evidence of the dog having been vaccinated against rabies
  • The current annual fee is $15.00 for unaltered male/female dogs or $12.00 for neutered or spayed dogs
  • Each household is allowed to keep up to four (4) separately licensed dogs on the premises. The keeping of five (5) or more dogs on a premise is considered a kennel for zoning purposes and is only allowed in the Special Use and Limited Industrial Zoning Districts with a Special Permit from the Planning Board. Residential Kennels are not allowed in any residential zoning district.


The Board of Health for the Town of Foxborough holds a rabies clinic in April of each year.